New Year Resolutions...

Its that time of the year when many of us sit down to think of where we have been and where we want to go; what we are ashamed of and what we want to change..

I invite you to be kind to yourself. At the end of the day, we are all human. We live, we laugh, we hurt; others and ourselves and life goes on. Living well and whole-heartedly in many ways is being able to live with our choices and being able to learn. Being able to recover from mistakes and being able to accept what we cannot change. Its being able to respond to pressure and hurt feelings with dignity and respect. 

I invite you to consider one of the following to do more of and less off, as you decide what you will focus your energy on this year...  GOOD LUCK! 

I'm just a phone call away.. 

"...less glorious resolutions and more gratitude and acceptance; less busy social calendars and more enlightening engagements; less pretentious friends and more authentic friendships; more reflection and less blaming; to more compassion and less judgment; more music and singing and dancing and less whining, complaining and gossiping; reviving a hobby and fighting for a cause; walking away from what seems irresistible and walking toward what is important; more looking inside and making changes; more daring to dare and less living in fear; being more real and needing to pretend less; working on what you want others to believe about you; living life to its fullest with less 'doing' and more 'being'..
Hope 2017 is your best ever!