Strong Relationships

“The wound is the place where light enters you”- Rumi


Couples sessions & intensives

Give your relationship the support it needs; in the safety of a professional and nurturing environment. Sheeza works hard to help keep your relationship safe so you can navigate the uncomfortable, the awkward, the challenge. Call for your consultation.


emotional injury & trauma

Sheeza is trained in EMDR which is a proven technique to heal trauma such as abuse, violence, war and works effectively to heal relational trauma such as infidelity and loss.


pre-marital counseling

In a relationship and want to set it up for success? Work with Sheeza and pro actively experience a healthier relationship.


family & extended family counseling

Families experiencing distress managing multiple relationships such as in-laws or blended families can heal and strengthen with family therapy.


parenting skills

Its considered one of the toughest Jobs in our roles in life. Consider a support system who will strengthen your skills so you can be the best parents for your children.