Where do i begin?

There are times in life where certain challenges come in our way of living life and being happy. From the stresses of a committed relationship to the pain of losing a job; from challenges in the past to struggles at present and everything in between; Sheeza works with you to help you strengthen while protecting the important relationships in your life. Sheeza's looks at the entire life & experience of the client including family as a contributor to the situation an individual or the couple or family may be faced with. This insight and reflection helps create positive healthy changes.

For your personal life, Sheeza specializes in Couples Relationships, Multicultural Families and Trauma among other relationship challenges. She works with couples and families to help strengthen their relationship and recover from challenges. Family work is done using a Multicultural approach. Sheeza also assess and treats Trauma using EMDR, a renowned trauma therapy in her work.

For your work life, Sheeza helps you reach your maximum potential and reach the goals you have aimed for. Whether you are wanting that promotion, or want to quit your job to start your own business, Sheeza will work to strengthen your business relationships and utilizes a strategic & results oriented plan that is designed for the client to feel empowered with tools and confidence to excel in their work lives.

Read what some of Sheeza's clients have said about working with her..

In working with a therapist, nothing is more important than establishing a rapport which cultivates trust. Having spoken to several therapists over the years, it was only with Sheeza that I was comfortable enough to delve into my issues. Her ability to help one quickly identify relevant concerns made the counseling sessions rewarding and motivating. Her methods of addressing and working toward resolving problems have proved successful for me. Sheeza exudes genuine warmth and compassion and I am certain all of her clients will benefit immensely from her counseling.
— Client, 53, Female- Professional

Sheeza specializes in High Conflict Couples therapy, Couples on the Brink of Divorce, challenges around Intimacy and Sex as well as difficult areas such as Infidelity and Abuse.

I have benefited greatly from my sessions with Sheeza. Her sharp approach to identifying the trouble spots in my life and within me that needed to be addressed made all the difference for my path to heal. She also provided important insights into how our mind works and that we can be empowered to protect it and mould it to cope better with one’s surroundings. I would definitely recommend her.
— Client, Female- 34, Academic

"Sometimes it is hard to even tell what is hurting more and where to begin.. call me to start your journey of well-being with stronger, healthier relationships." Sheeza