Sheeza has been in the executive coaching field, working with major global organizations as talent and leadership development executive, since 2003. During her years in the field, it became clear to her that her unique approach to coaching high potential leaders could generate results and her business has grown year over year by word of mouth. She values clients who co-invest in growing their own career and personal growth. She has been successful in channeling their own unique skills through her focus on emotional intelligence development and people management skills. She draws on well known tools such as MBTI, Lominger, Leadership Architect and Voices in which she is certified as a coach.  

Sheeza is a top-tier executive coach. She delivers holistic coaching which covers not only a broad spectrum of professional leadership areas, but also personal growth and family issues which impact career performance. She provided keen insights on my challenges working for a low performance employer, and how my personal blind spots and family-based pressures impacted my responses to these challenges. She closely guided me during interviews for physician leadership positions, and helped me to secure and choose the right job for me. Me and my family couldn’t be happier with the results of my career path, and I have the tools to continue growing into larger leadership roles. Kudos, Sheeza, and many, many thanks!”
— Source Male Client, 49, Executive

First-time clients receive a free, 30 minute consultation to assure the best mutual fit. 

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